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About Cloud NYC

Cloud NYC was founded by Paul Bielkiewicz, a seasoned technology visionary and entrepreneur, seeking to bring cost effective technology to any business regardless of size or budget.

At Cloud NYC we’re committed to helping your business save money with cost-effective access to the cloud’s abundant resources. Cloud technology is readily available, the process is seamless to implement and the cost savings is immediate. Migrating your systems to the cloud requires no previous technical knowledge and is as easy as creating an email account. You turn on your computer, log into the Internet, and we handle the rest.

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Why the Cloud? Why Now?

Cloud technology is a unique opportunity for the forward-thinking business to realize dramatic growth through the use of enterprise level technology.

Not long ago only top tier Fortune 100 companies could afford cloud based solutions. However, with the rapid expansion of major Internet giants such as Facebook and Google, data center costs have declined and are now more affordable than ever. Our services will empower your organization with an amazing set of tools that reduce overhead, increase staff productivity and eliminate risk.

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