Posted by admin on April 2nd, 2012

New York, April 2, 2012 –- The launch this week of Cloud NYC makes cloud computing local and affordable. The startup brings the transformative power of enterprise level technology to New York-based businesses of all sizes, drenching them big business benefits. Cloud NYC is promoting itself as the “anywhere, anytime” IT solution for the modern, forward-moving business enterprise.

Cloud NYC empowers companies to fully shift their computing infrastructure into the cloud, enabling 24/7 access to a personalized and secure work environment from any office or mobile device, anywhere in the world. Cloud NYC makes business IT functions seamless, automated and effortless by combining local service with anytime/anywhere secure delivery. The subscription service allows any business to manage the full lifecycle of their technology at a single predictable cost.

Until recently, only top tier Fortune 100 companies could afford the cloud. Although NYC is a technology hub and early adopter of cloud computing, the city’s numerous smaller and even mid-sized companies have yet to fully feel the effects. That’s the market Cloud NYC is targeting with its localized data center and partner-driven support services.

Cloud NYC was founded by Paul Bielkiewicz, a seasoned technology visionary and entrepreneur, seeking to bring cost-effective technology to any business regardless of size or budget. Says Bielkiewicz: “Every company depends on mobile technology to function. Any forward thinking business should be making a targeted effort to move towards the cloud –- it’s the smart, cost-efficient way to manage IT today. That’s why we’ve developed a simplified approach to cloud computing, focusing exclusively on local businesses in NYC. Our services empower businesses with an amazing set of tools that reduce overhead, increase staff productivity and eliminate risk. With our cloud services, companies can standardize access across devices and users while realizing immediate IT cost savings of up to 60% or more.”

Says Bielkiewicz, “Your business may be New York-based, but your technology is mobile. Your staff needs to be able to quickly and easily log in and conduct business from wherever they happen to be, using the device of their choice. Cloud NYC’s hosted solutions securely deliver entire desktops to PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and other current (and future) technologies — providing a consistent, on-demand user experience across all user locations and devices.”

Pricing of Cloud NYC services is equally simple, designed to eliminate the budgeting problems associated spikes in technology costs. Cloud NYC offers three levels of inclusive per-user-per-month service: standard, professional (most popular) and premium.

Concludes Bielkiewicz: “IT management doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated, frustrating or costly. The cloud replaces those negatives with a simple positive experience. Cloud computing is truly transformative for business owners and all users who depend on technology to do their work.”

About Cloud NYC

Cloud NYC is committed to helping businesses save money with cost-effective access to the cloud’s abundant resources. Cloud technology is readily available; the process is seamless to implement and the cost savings is immediate. Migrating systems to the cloud requires no previous technical knowledge. With Cloud NYC, cloud computing is as easy as creating an email account. Users turn on their device, log into the Internet – and Cloud NYC handles the rest.
Cloud NYC was founded by CEO Paul Bielkiewicz, a seasoned technology visionary and entrepreneur, to bring cloud technology to any business, regardless of size or global footprint.

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