Your Staff Connects from Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Standardized, on-demand access empowers users

Your business may be New York-based, but your technology is mobile. Your staff needs to be able to quickly and easily log in and conduct business from wherever they happen to be, using the device of their choice.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is convenience.
Whether at home, in the office, out in the field, in the air or sitting on the beach, your staff can access their entire desktop and all business critical applications. Imagine pulling together all your employees and all of their computing devices, into a single convenient, consistent experience. That’s the power of the cloud.

Your Data – Secure, Backed Up & Available 24/7

Enterprise level continuity at a fraction of the price

The cloud is your virtual IT department. It’s your professional disaster recovery. It’s the tech support function that manages software upgrades, ensures encryption, keeps your antivirus and malware programs up to date and constantly backs up every bit of data.

Even our back-up servers have back-up servers. Your data is secured in SAS 70 Type II data centers – the same facilities used by virtually every Fortune 500 company. These computing resources are maintained in two of the top data centers in the world equipped with full emergency power and redundancy systems to ensure your data is safe and accessible at all times.

You Get Peace of Mind (and ROI)

Take IT off your plate and focus on your core business

When you’re ready to set your business free the cloud’s the place to be. Not long ago, the word “cloud” had no place in business –- at least not in any positive sense. Of course, that was before we had smart phones, tablets, laptops, or even networks. Today, technology drives business; thus IT management is a business necessity. So why, you ask, does IT have to be so difficult – complicated – time-consuming – frustrating & costly?

Our simple answer: It’s doesn’t. The sooner you let go of your outdated and expensive IT solution, the sooner you’ll see why the cloud’s the only place to be free.

How does the cloud increase productivity and your bottom line?

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